Prof. Dr. Ganakumaran Subramaniam

  • President of MELTA
  • Head, School of Education, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Nottingham University Malaysia Campus

Prof. Dr. Zuraidah Mohd Don


Zuraidah Mohd Don has built up a professorial profile in the course of her career as an academic for more than 30 years. In recent years,she has been increasingly called upon to apply her accumulated academic expertise in the development of the national programme for the teaching and learning of English. Her teaching is integrated with her research and publications, especially in discourse analysis, which is her original field of expertise, and which requires high level and detailed analysis across linguistics as a discipline, and the application of linguistic expertise to real world problems. Her experience of analysing written and spoken texts in English has helped her develop an in-depth knowledge of what is involved in communication and the skills that language users need to develop in order to become proficient in the target language. She is on the Editorial Board of two ISI-indexed journals, in addition to one Scopus-indexed journal and an international peer-reviewed journal of linguistics published by Edinburgh University Press.  She has more than 150 publications,including articles published in high impact ISI-indexed journals. Her most recent book is about to be published by Oxford University Press. Zuraidah was appointed the founding chair of the ELSQC, which was given the task of creating a roadmap for English language education in Malaysia. In her capacity as chair of the ELSQC, she took on the responsibility for turning the aspirations set out in the MEB into firm timetabled plans, and for the production of a Roadmap for English language education in Malaysia to 2025. The implementation of the Roadmap is now underway, and her present task is to ensure that it is implemented effectively at all levels from preschool to university. In order to foster best practice in English teaching at university level, she proposed the setting up of a Council of Language Deans, and became its founding chair. After stepping down as dean, she was co-opted as adviser to the Council.